Catching up


I will never forget the words Dr. Billy Graham spoke to us during the Atlanta Georgia crusade many years ago.  After thousands of successful crusades all over the world and one year of preparation in Atlanta,  he said on the eve of the crusade "do you think anyone will come?" 
That is the way Naina and I felt this morning.  We both arrived timely at 9:30 am but no ladies were waiting for us. We reasoned that some were sleeping late because their infants kept them up all night.  Others, may be cooking for their husbands and children, or they could be shopping. It was so quiet in the apartment, but it would not be that way for long.
I had talked to a man the day before who said a mission team had come to town and they had prepared some bags of toiletries for the Bhutanese. He said "we will bring them at 10 a.m." Well, I thought, we would at least have SOME visitors.
Soon two Bhutanese women came and Naina began giving out the packages of toilet paper and paper towels we had prepared on Tuesday, and the detergent. diapers and dish soap.
Suddenly the front door opened and a parade of about eight people entered the apartment bearing gifts (huge brown boxes). The gift bags in the boxes contained nail clippers, lotion, combs, toothpaste, tooth brushes, a wash cloth, and hand sanitizer. We added them on to whatever we were giving away and the ladies had much fun.  The team interacted with the Bhutanese ladies, held babies, gave out ice pops, listened to their stories and loved on the Bhutanese ladies for about an hour. Then, they left to go get some of the local Indian food. 
Naina worked and worked throughout the morning.  After everyone left, I looked at our donation sheet and we had served 27 families. Three men came and shopped for shirts and suits, children came for toys, and women came to shop the clothes for babies and themselves.  
But, the most fun was watching God at work through the donations.  As one lady, who follows Buddhism, waited we were able to sow some seeds about the difference in supreme gods of other religions, and the one true God.  At the very end, as Naina and I prepared to put things away, a lady came who recently arrived from the camp and asked about the ESL class.  We told her about that and then she said she wanted to go to church. Naina asked her if she had a Bible and she said "no".  It just so "happened" that Melinda brought some Nepali Bibles yesterday to apt. 435 and she was given one of those. Does God provide or what??? After everyone left, I went to study the Bible with one of the Bhutanese Christian ladies and another lady joined us.  We had much fun.



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