Small "miracles"


One day, I was at the apartment and one 5th grader came running up to me and said "I am so glad that you are  here. I prayed you would be." I was shocked. God had delayed me as I went to visit a family , otherwise I would have been on the way back to Crosby. You see, that young child needed socks for school and his family could not afford them and doesn't have transportation to go and buy them. It is all of these small "miracles" from God that just show me how much He cares for the needs of His people. I am convinced that He knew the young child needed those socks and had no way to get some, except through me. I am just the channel of blessings from Him.  How humbling!
Yesterday, a young mother came to the apartment with her one year old baby.  I don't know why , but after a Bhutanese helper told me she needed diapers, I asked if she needed formula. Another Bhutanese mom previously brought me about 8 cans that her baby did not use. I handed the young mom two cans and immediately the father went and made a bottle for the baby. The baby was so hungry that he ate all of that bottle in a matter of minutes. She  had no way to communicate the need. The mother, you see, is deaf, and I do not know Nepali sign language and cannot understand her most of the time. She read my lips and nodded when I asked about formula, but could not tell me her baby was so hungry.  She is a sister in Christ as well, and again, the Father showed me how much He cares.  

Our needs are growing as families are hurting.  The greatest need, and most expensive, is diapers. I have learned that not only is it a commandment to help "the least of these" and the "aliens within our borders" but there are other reasons. The Bhutanese women stay home with their children and breast feed them for about one or two years. That means only one income for an already low income family.  Lack of money leads to marital strife and domestic abuse and abortion. I know of at least two babies who were not aborted because we can supply diapers, wipes, etc. to them on a weekly basis. We are like a refugee pregnancy help center.  One of the babies, Abel, is celebrating his first birthday today.  So, we press on to sow, and God supplies the need.  Last Thursday we served 46 families in 3 hours.