PictureHow Grandma "walked" after being injured.
One Saturday, we put all donations of clothing and shoes out in the main area and watched as people came to "shop." In the donated items was a pair of large slightly worn women's shoes that had been there for months. An African lady walked in and picked up the old shoes. She tried them on and they fit. She immediately looked up to Heaven and prayed (I thought).
I wanted to talk to her but she did not speak any English.  Later her granddaughter came to translate.  Grandma said when she was in the camp in Kenya, she was taught that anyone who gave her something must have been sent from God. I told her that in five, almost six, years of giving out donated items, I rarely get a thank you and God gets even less thanks.

Today Grandma came to the apartmentwith her granddaughter and we were able to hear more of her story.  I asked how she came to know Jesus. She said she was in an accident that prevented  her from being able to straighten out her leg. Because of the injury, she had to scoot on the ground in a sort of sitting position.  (See picture)

While in the camp in Kenya,  someone told her that Jesus could heal her, so she prayed and then she could walk upright (see picture).  "I thank God for the opportunity He has given me to encounter my Christian brothers and sisters from many nations right here in Houston," she says! 


Her leg was healed after praying to Jesus.