A donation box full of clothing contained an answered prayer for one Bhutanese student.
Today started out as a usual day. Thursday is donation day and ESL day. We were able to serve 44 families with donated items, toilet paper and diapers, etc. The ESL class was full but the teacher did not show up. Instead of turning people away, I recruited a volunteer who has never taught ESL. With just a few minutes instruction on the basics of teaching ABC, the class was turned over to a 17-year-old new volunteer.  

Several ladies came for clothes for their children and one lady took a car seat for her friend who is having a baby. It always is a good feeling when you can help people. You are more blessed than being a blessing!  

About 1 pm, I took the van for a much needed car wash. Some of my Bhutanese friends work at the car wash so we waved at each other (to the other workers’ amazement). The biggest surprise was when one of the Bhutanese ladies called me “Mom.” The Hispanic workers looked surprised. Why? I have blue eyes and gray hair.

Went to Denny’s for a late lunch/supper and then back to St. Cloud to wait for a man to bring a donation from his church. As I waited, I was impressed to go and ask one of the Bhutanese Christian ladies if she had food stamps and/ or needed help with food.  She held her chest and said, “I was just wondering what to do. There is no food in the house.” I opened the refrigerator and the freezer, and there was very little food. It would not be enough to sustain a family of six until payday. “I needed help, but was too shy to ask,” she said.  I told her that the donation was from Jesus through people who don’t know her, but love her, and she needed to thank Him.

The donation arrived about 5:30 pm and Sam and I put the items in my van. Just as we finished loading things, one of the Bhutanese students, Gorap, came and said he needed a lunch box for tomorrow. His school planned a field trip to the zoo and he did not like the food, so he wanted to take his lunch. Frustrated, I told him he needed to let me know sooner. I did not have a lunch box today and could not produce one before tomorrow morning. “Maybe there is a lunch box in here,” I said, seeing his disappointment. Looking at bags of clothing, I knew the chances of finding a lunch box were slim to none.  Sam, the donor, said, “Why don’t you use Tupperware for your lunch box? That is what I use.”  Gorap replied, “We don’t have any Tupperware at home.”

What to do? I uttered a quick silent prayer to Jesus as Sam looked in a box in the van.  Soon his hands found a Tupperware bowl in the box that had nothing to do with Tupperware. Sam was amazed. “There is no way that Tupperware bowl should have been in that box,” he said.  “Listen,” I said, “I have seen God do this over and over. He shows me repeatedly that He cares about the smallest details of our lives.  As a matter of fact, I believe that He knew that Gorap would be standing here today and needed that Tupperware bowl for school tomorrow.”

I am blessed to see God at work every day in big and small ways.  Truly, I can give nothing unless it is given to me.  That is why this ministry is called “Loaves & Fishes.” In the parable of the loaves and fishes, Jesus was able to take what was given to satisfy the hunger of 5,000 men plus families and bless it to feed the multitude. He is still doing that today.